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What are SQL commands?
Structured query language (SQL) commands are specific keywords or SQL statements that developers use to manipulate the data stored in a relational database. You can categorize SQL commands as follows.

Data definition language
Data definition language (DDL) refers to SQL commands that design the database structure. Database engineers use DDL to create and modify database objects based on the business requirements. For example, the database engineer uses the CREATE command to create database objects such as tables, views, and indexes.

Data query language
Data query language (DQL) consists of instructions for retrieving data stored in relational databases. Software applications use the SELECT command to filter and return specific results from a SQL table.

Data manipulation language
Data manipulation language (DML) statements write new information or modify existing records in a relational database. For example, an application uses the INSERT command to store a new record in the database.

Data control language
Database administrators use data control language (DCL) to manage or authorize database access for other users. For example, they can use the GRANT command to permit certain applications to manipulate one or more tables.

Transaction control language
The relational engine uses transaction control language (TCL) to automatically make database changes. For example, the database uses the ROLLBACK command to undo an erroneous transaction.

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